Saturday, 22 December 2007

Their Blatant Lies (3): Untouchable Corruption

As the British people feel increasingly unable to do anything about the corrupt and venal corporate cabal running their "government", the Times today is running a fun little number on some of the milder revelations from the Freedom of Information act, which the current government is trying to nail up as quickly as possible.

To be honest, though, what does it matter if we know? After 911 and the Invasion of Iraq, the governments of the Anglo-Saxon Empire have shown ever greater contempt for their publics, indeed hardly bothering to try and hide things these days. After all, what are we going to do? Go to the police? Expose them in the media? Riiiight...

So, just for a bit of festive fun, here are some of Manuscripts Don't Burn's favourite revelations, courtesy of the Times. We especially like the one about Nessie...

  • Countries with poor human rights records and those on the front line in the War on Terror, including Iraq, were targeted by the Ministry of Defence as the most lucrative places for British arms companies to sell weapons
  • Politicians are spending £2.2bn a year of taxpayers’ money on private management consultants
  • Rich landowners top the league of EU farm subsidy payouts
  • Police were instructed to let off offenders with a caution if they commit any one of more than 60 types of crime, ranging from assault to some types of theft, criminal damage and underage sex.
  • Robert Maxwell was being investigated for war crimes and was to be interviewed by police just before he drowned
  • The Thatcher Government concocted a plan to search for the Loch Ness monster using a team of dolphins

Sort of makes you proud, really, doesn't it?

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