Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Stitched Up - The New One Party State

Democracy, if it ever existed, is completely dead in this country. Most people vote, if they vote at all, for the most nebulous, unpolitical reasons - the cut of a chap's jib, the greasiness of the other chap, or because their mum and dad voted that way. A precious few think about it first - as Thatcher said, far too few to make any difference.

The only way the Lib Dems will ever be allowed into Number 10 by the establishment is if they abandon their policies and become clones of the Tories, as New Labour have so successfully done. Otherwise, their commitment to PR will, sadly, cut absolutely no mustard with a civil service, bureaucracy, nomenclatura, government media, and armed forces who will never allow such a potentially democratic system into this country. Binary mob politics is so much easier to control - especially when there is no difference between either side.

There is only one hope for democracy in Britain, and that is a coup d'etat in either the Labour or Tory parties, and the replacement of the corrupt corporatists with someone who gives a damn about the rapidly sinking ship that is the UK. Such a coup would probably be easier in the Labour party - the historical precedent is there.

Sadly, Manuscripts Don't Burn doesn't believe it will happen. Instead, we'll lurch uncontrollably into the 2nd decade of the 21st century, which will be one of unrest and economic and social turmoil, and we may well end up with an increasingly extremist government.

In the meantime, the parties will go through their charade of business as usual, electing meaningless identikit leaders with meaningless identikit policies, whilst the real business of managing UK PLC goes on behind very closed doors indeed.

On the plus side, we're heading into uncharted and very "interesting" territory. History will have a field day with our blindness and complacency.

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