Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Even the Daily Telegraph doesn't believe it any more!

It must be serious. Very serious. Even the comments on the Daily Telegraph pages don't believe the War on Terror bollocks any more. This morning, courtesy of gorgeous pouting faux-welshman Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, we have the ludicrous article entitled "Fatwa against the dollar", in which he attempts to claim that the desperate attempts of Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia (with whom we apparently share so many "values", remember...) to free themselves of their Dollar peg before it cripples their economies are not, in fact, due to the fact that the US Dollar is currently a major economic liability, but rather a plot by Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda to - yup, you guessed it - bring down the United States by engineering a run on the Dollar.

What arrant bollocks. Fortunately, saner and considerably more economic-minded individuals than us here as Manuscripts Don't Burn are in complete agreement with our sentiments, and are currently loudly saying so on the comments section of dear Ambrose's latest barking ramble. We'd just like to offer one such comment from a Mr. Johan de Meulemeester as a token of the increasing impatience the thinking world is showing towards these clumsy attempts to put some life into the limp and flaccid nonsense that was "The War on Terror":

"We don't need to debate this issue; you have opted to believe what FOXNEWS peddles and I have opted to be highly skeptical. I've heard the arguments many times that the government is too incompetent to engage in conspiracies - however history has repeatedly demonstrated that governments do engage in all sorts of evil to justify their wars etc (Reichstag fire, Gulf of Tonkin etc etc).
"Even given the above the fact is that "terror" kills less people than lightning strikes; more people die every year from stingray attacks than do from "terror". So we should all focus our efforts and government budgets on what does kill a lot of people - cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, car accidents, smoking, drinking, old age, hunger.
"The 1/2 trillion U$ budget assigned to the Pentagon every year is just a total waste ; 90% of that bureaucracy and budget should be eliminated - the remaining 10% should be assigned strictly to defending the American homeland."

So, there you have it. If nothing else, one additional consequence of the PNAC insanity is likely to be a new wave of American Isolationism once all this crap has cleared - and that, sadly, is good for no one. For no one at all.

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