Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Sound of Jackboots...

As we embark very earnestly now on their blatant attempt to recreate the 1930s, Manuscripts Don't Burn would like to note recent attempts by the UK corporate government to stoke the fires of racism, stereotyping, and xenophobia in an attempt to distract the undereducated disenfranchised masses from the growing economic horror unravelling around them.

After thirty years of demolishing the education system, it's hardly surprising many in the UK today do not know their history well enough to know this scapegoating racist crap for what it is. The UK has been a multi-cultural, multi-racial society for half a century, a mongrel nation enriched by countless cultures over many centuries.

An act of political legerdemain, mass misdirection to blame a minority for the country's woes rather than the real culprits, the banksters who are leading us back to the future.

Stoke the fires. Unfurl the flags. Get ready for the Two Minutes' Hate. The economy is going down the tubes, and the government wants you to attack ANYONE except them. Time once again for a scapegoat...

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